from normal to bump

Hey there

Ehhhh so tired. Been up all morning and night rendering out my scenes.

I did get some great feedback from some folks with normal mapping experience! Thank you to all of them. I will most certianly tinker around with those suggestions after I finish  my rendering. Instead of a normal map I just used a bump map to make him look gruffy! 

Take a look at my new, (and not so hollywood-esque) looking cowboy!

I also put up a screenshot of my normal map with UV’s ontop if anyone wants to take a look see.




gettin' more grungy...

gettin' more grungy...

Mind you this is just a color pass with raytrace shadows…i am gonna be doing a spec and a occlusion for him too…ohhh time is of the essense! 



Normal Map with UV's

Normal Map with UV's



Just to clarify, that really ugly dark patch underneath the chin where the neck is, has been smoothed out a bit. It was quite jaggedy before…I think it was because my cowboy has a hankerchief , it was covering up some of the geo and I somehow managed to neglect that little section…ahhh yes how wonderful normal maps are in pointing out all your problems!


1 Response to “from normal to bump”

  1. 1 Ezy
    March 8, 2010 at 11:33 pm

    Have you figured out your normal map shading/render problem yet?

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