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zombie killa turret!!


zombie killa turret

zombie killa turret


playing with occlusion colors

Hello there!

Well, as promised I am back with a couple ambient occlusion shots of my truck and cowboy from my demo reel.

I am now working with Maya 2009 and it seems that the render layer options have changed a bit.  There is no longer a “presets” tab that you can apply an Occulsion shader onto your selected items. There is a new “Add New Render Pass Tab”  option which I am still trying to figure out.  It seems that most of the tutorials on render layers out there are still from 2008.  So if anyone out there knows about how to do render layers in 2009, any information would be super helpful!

Here are a couple of shots I rendered out just playing with the occlusion color options. 

Ahhh yes, and before things get too color-fully…I must warn those out there that I love big, bright and shiny colors!:)